Amaze your customers with beautiful campaigns and pinpoint targeting. GetResponse gives you ability to slice-and-dice your marketing lists without any fuss.

With GetResponse application you have easy way to manage your mailing lists and customers emails. You can send newsletters using all features available in platform now! is a modern service with hundreds of practical and multimedia solutions that are essential to making and managing effective email marketing campaigns.

With years of knowledge and with innovative solutions GetResponse is providing highest possible levels of reaching your customers delivering information directly to your subscribers inboxes. We are using all available tools and ways to maximize your marketing efforts results.

GetResponse service provides the best tools:

  • functional and user friendly tool
  • trial version available with good pricing plans
  • the highest ratio of messages delivered to your subscribers inboxes
  • small and large email database management
  • advanced automation and personalization of campaigns
  • clear reports for campaigns results
  • anti-spam protection built-in

The GetResponse application is developed and maintained by Shoplo.

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