Google Docs

Manage your customers and their orders in a streamlined fashion via Google Docs. Create an easy to share database for your whole team.

Do you use Google Docs or Google Sheets to manage your store, orders and customers? Then this integration is ideal for you!

Now you no longer have to manually enter all the information to Google Docs - this app will fill out your Google spreadsheets or create a new document.

How does it look in practice? The app works based on a few basic actions:

  • Every new order placed in your store will appear as a new row in the Google spreadsheet you specify. This way you will have all the orders listed in one place. You can also create a separate Google Docs for each new order.
  • Every new product that you add to Shoplo will appear as a new row in your Google file, allowing you to work on your entire product assortment in one place.
  • Any new customer who places an order in your Shoplo store will be listed in a new row in your Google spreadsheet. With this mechanism, you will build one consistent customer base with Google.

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