Keep Shoplo data in two-way sync

Stop spending time on manual data entry or using messy CSV files for your imports and exports—let PieSync take care of syncing customer data between your CRM or marketing platform and Shoplo instead.

With the PieSync connector, getting your webstore & marketing on the same page is a piece of cake (or pie). PieSync makes it easy to set up a real-time two-way sync of customer data in just a few minutes, and live chat support is available if you need help getting started.
--- Note: this syncs customers, but not orders (roadmapped).

A powerful rule engine PieSync’s rule engine allows you to customize how and when your data syncs. Here are a few examples:

  1. Sync Shoplo customers and all of their properties to your CRM. If they’re updated in your CRM, you can sync that information right back to Shoplo. This will help align data—including custom properties—between the two systems.
  2. Get marketing lists populated directly through a 2-way sync
  3. Segment your Customers on the basis of the groups in Shoplo

Sync health dashboard
Because the sync runs continuously in the background—checking for updates at least every five minutes—you can always get a clear view of what’s happening.

Through the Health dashboard, we show you what, how, and when data is syncing. We’ll also inform you when a sync fails because of a data mismatch, enabling you to fix the problem in either your CRM or Shoplo.

PieSync was acquired by HubSpot in November 2019.

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