Shared Stock

Synchronize all your stores and manage them in one place

Shared Stock lets you sync all your stores so you can manage them from one place. Eg, if you have multiple language versions of your store, use Shared Stock to manage your main inventory over all store language versions. App features: - Two-way stock synchronization - Two-way price synchronization based on exchange rates - One-way order synchronization (the main store gets orders from all other stores). Regardless of which store the customer will order from, the stock will be updated after a purchase in all language versions. Manage only one inventory and its current status will be automatically updated in all store versions. Your whole inventory will be managed from one main store. Changes to the inventory in this once store will be reflected over all language version. You can also sync prices, which is especially important when you have multiple language versions. The prices in the stores will be automatically converted to the currency you specified - no need to do it yourself. Note: In order for the app to work properly, it's necessary to have unique SKU's for all variants in your store.

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