Shoplo POS

Shoplo POS is a mobile point of sale connected to your Shoplo online store.

Take it with you Shoplo POS is an application connected to your Shoplo store. The tablet-friendly app helps you sell your products offline without the need of your computer. What does it mean? -From now on, your dashboard will keep track of your sales in fair trades or brick-and-mortar store. Customer and sales data, from a face-to-face sale, will be shown in the same dashboard where you manage your online sales. - Your stock will always be up to date - You don’t have to write orders manually and then add them into your Shoplo dashboard. They will be added directly from the Shoplo POS app. Discover all features of Shoplo POS Transaction history All transactions with Shoplo POS will be visible in the orders section of your Shoplo dashboard. Up to date inventory Shoplo POS is connected to your online store so your stock will be updated on a regular basis. Easy analysis You can easily monitor sales effectiveness at trade fairs or fashion events. Shoplo will provide you with reports that will give you full control over offline sales. Customers database Now you can also collect customer data during offline sales. All the information goes into one place, your CRM in Shoplo. Remarketing Use your offline sales potential to a 100%. Since your offline customers go directly to your CRM section in Shoplo, now you can include them in your email marketing campaigns so they will be directed to your online store. 100% convenience Shoplo POS can be taken with you everywhere. You no longer need a computer to manage your offline sales.

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