Yotpo Social Reviews

Generate a lot of reviews for your store

Yotpo helps store owners generate a ton of product reviews which they can then easily share to their Facebook and Twitter profiles to drive new traffic and sales. Yotpo is free and getting started takes less than 5 minutes. - Build your shoppers' confidence with trustworthy reviews - Give your shoppers access to more reviews - Leverage your shoppers' online connections and their social conversations to generate a new source of highly qualified traffic Leaving a review with Yotpo is a simple, fun and a social experience similar to the social network conversations your shoppers are used to. The Mail After Purchase feature will automatically remind your customers to leave a review after their purchase and will boost your reviews/sales ratio. In addition, you have the option to bring reviews for matching products from sources all across the web (ecommerce sites, social network, blog…). Yotpo is: - Quick and easy to install and customize to match the look and feel of your site - Customer friendly with live technical support

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