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1. The power of social media

Social media is currently the hottest topic on the Internet. Facebook itself already gathers more than one billion users. Since every entrepreneur should try to be close to their customers, it is worth creating a fanpage on Facebook, which not only will facilitate contact with people, but will also help to maintain relations with them and make them attached to our store for much longer. Such a fanpage should include a version of your store that enables customers to buy directly via Facebook. Shoplo makes it possible thanks to Facebook Application, which lets people open the Facebook version of a store with only a couple of clicks.

2. Sponsored links – a way to become noticed quickly

Sponsored links on Google, so called AdWords, are the easiest way to attract users to your store. Even if our website is quite new and not too popular, it can be displayed very high in search results thanks to sponsored links.

Since each click is paid, the choice of the keywords linking to your site is crucial. It is important that only people interested in your products click on those links. You can create a campaign in AdWords on your own or commission some specialised agency to do it for you.

Use live to attract more customers

There is no doubt that live chat is a great way to engage with your online customers.

As per a Forrester report, 44% of participants have chosen live chat as favourite tool to connect with operators in real-time because they get answers to their questions and find what they need.

In another survey, they found that customer satisfaction rates for chat is highest 73%,
followed by email and social media 61% and 48% respectively.

With features like canned message, agents can instantly reply with pre-defined answers. Pre and post survey options help agents understand the buying behavior of customers.

If a customer has any questions about product use, warranty, return policy, etc. then having a live chat feature can be helpful. These all help you increase sales and retain more customers.

4. Make sure that your store can be easily found

Search engines are one of the main sources of traffic in ecommerce stores. It is very common for users to start their quest for a store or a particular product there. The aforementioned sponsored links are a good way to become noticed. However, most traffic is generated by organic search results, which are free of charge. Therefore, you should put some effort into your site to make it search engine friendly.

Search engine optimisation is a very broad and specialised field of Internet Marketing. If you are looking for some advice what you should work on in your store, it is worth installing our application SEO Report.

5. Sale, sale!

Everyone likes sales. Even if they are not very big, they always attract prospective customers. There are different ways of organising sales. You can introduce a temporary reduction of prices of certain products (for instance summer sale). On the other hand, you can also create and share discount codes. Such codes might be used for example as an award in a simple competition on Facebook.

6. Show some love!

Satisfied customers are the best promotion for an online store. If you are reliable and provide them with the best customer service, you can be sure they will tell their friends about your store, give you positive comments on other sites and return to buy some more of your products. What you should do is help them whenever they need it, for example if they have any doubts or questions, try to answer their e-mails as quickly as possible. Remember that people are much more willing to share their negative impressions than those positive ones, so even a slight negligence might result in many unfavorable opinions, which will stay on the Internet forever.

The ways of attracting new customers we presented are only the tip of the iceberg. Following posts will give you more useful hints regarding e-mail marketing, content marketing (for instance on blogs), price comparison services and so on. Like Shoplo on Facebook and stay up to date with our posts 🙂

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