The more popular Etsy gets the more sites like Etsy pop up. It seems that the number of Etsy alternatives grow every time Etsy change their policies.

Etsy’s latest policy change states that from July 2018, they will automatically remove your selling fees and taxes from your Etsy Payments sales.

Here’s the announcement:

etsy alternatives policy change

The recent Etsy Policy announcement

This has left a lot of Etsy sellers absolutely furious. With this anger, more and more small brands are looking for Etsy alternatives to sell their products.

This change presents a fantastic opportunity for you and your brand to grow.

Rather than leave Etsy all together, you can benefit from selling on Etsy as well as these other sites like Etsy.

This is called multichannel selling.

By having a presence on Etsy, and your own website, and a second marketplace like TicTail for example, you are seen by more people and make more sales.

A pretty simple solution, right?

You still get all the traffic that Etsy brings, but you also get the traffic from another marketplace.

But managing all these channels takes time. If you make a sale in your TicTail store, you need to update your Etsy stock numbers.

This uses your valuable time and can cause many inventory mistakes. Not to mention the headaches you’ll face if you send the wrong order to the wrong customer.

But a tool like Multichannel will help you eliminate the stress and confusion of managing multiple customers, sales and inventory over many sales channels.

Multichannel helps you manage your Etsy sales and sales from many other places.

Ready to save time, sell more and grow your brand? Check out Multichannel and save over 11 hours per week.

There are many many sites like Etsy that your brand will find a new home on.

In this article, you will learn:

  •  Which sites like Etsy are the best for your product
  •  How to get started selling on popular marketplaces like Etsy
  •  The costs of selling on the most popular Etsy alternatives

To make your selling life easier, we’ve put together a list of the best sites like Etsy.

How to find the best Etsy alternatives for you.

Before getting stuck into this article, let’s quickly talk about how you can benefit the most from this blog.

One of the Etsy alternatives that you’ll learn about in this article is Amazon Handmade. It has over 2 million views per month.

Another is Folksy, that has ‘only’ 35,000 views per month.

Does that mean that you will sell more on Amazon Handmade than on Folksy?

Absolutely not.

Each of these marketplaces is different than the next. That is why they are not Etsy’s competition. Some marketplaces specialise in niche products like vintage women’s clothing, for example, while some marketplaces are best suited to electronics.

If you know your brand’s voice, your product and its unique selling points, you can easily find which one of these marketplaces is best for you.

A lot of the sites similar to Etsy that we’re about to discuss have a lot less traffic and buyers than Etsy. Let me make this clear:

More traffic does not mean more sales.

More sales will come when you know what works for you and by increasing your conversion rate

Keep this in mind when deciding which Etsy alternative you will try next!

TIP: Don’t think of these marketplaces as Etsy competitors, but rather as an online marketplace that works hand in hand with your Etsy store.

So now it’s time for you to discover some of the best Etsy alternatives out there!

Ruby Lane vs Etsy

sites like etsy rubylane

Ruby Lane visitors are specifically looking for vintage art, antiques, collectables and jewellery.

Ruby Lane has been around since 1998 but has kept a relatively low profile since then. Which is hard to believe, because one look at the tools they offer to sellers speaks millions.

When you sell on Ruby Lane, you have access to features like Google Analytics integrations, Skyping with customers, and an automated shop check-up tool.

Ruby Lane shows some initiative by giving you, the seller, access to third-party tools – something that encourages you to learn about the wider world of ecommerce and marketing.

sites like etsy ruby lane

Ruby Lane goes above and beyond to help out you, the seller.

The ‘Secret Shopper’ program is also an interesting initiative. The team will make random purchases from their seller and give feedback about the product and the buying experience, all with the intention to help the seller improve. A killer idea that really makes Ruby Lane stand out.

Ruby Lane vs Etsy comparison:

  • High amounts of vintage, collectable and jewellery buyers.
  • Incredible number of tools for the seller
  • Each ‘Lane’ (category) has a minimum price requirement
  • Fees are a little higher (but your prices can be, too).

Ruby Lane is a quiet Etsy alternative that goes above and beyond for those sellers of the art, antique and collectable world!

Spoonflower vs Etsy

sites like etsy spoonflower

Are you a designer with a flair for fabric?

If so, then Spoonflower is a marketplace for you. Spoonflower is half POD (print on demand, like GearLaunch) company, half craft marketplace.

You, as a designer, upload your design where it can then be sold and printed on products for other customers. The difference with Spoonflower is that those products are only fabric, wallpaper or gift wrap.

Simply put, your designs are only printed onto raw materials.

This means that your designers are more likely to be used by someone else with a creative mind.

For example, a fashion brand may see your design and decide to use it in a new range. As opposed to some of the other POD marketplaces here, that offer finalised products.

Spoonflower sellers earn a minimum of 10% of each sale of their design and a maximum of 15%. 

Bonus points – The Spoonflower team often share work created by the raw materials their customers buy!

etsy alternatives spoonflower

Spoonflower vs Etsy comparison:

  • Your designers are printed on eco-friendly materials.
  • Weekly design challenges to keep you engaged and creative.
  • 10% of a sale for your product may not seem like a lot.
  • You need to order a sample of your design before you can sell it.

Bonanza vs Etsy

etsy alternatives bonanza

Have you ever heard about Bonanza? If not, now is the time to get familiar with one of the biggest websites like Etsy!

Bonanza has long been one of the most popular Etsy alternatives. We’ve written about Bonanza selling before and continue to love this marketplace because it educates about the wider world of ecommerce.

The proactive marketing options (Google Adwords and sponsored posts) increase the exposure of your listings, which in turn opens you up to new markets. 

sites like etsy bonanza pricingPay a higher commission, be seen by more shoppers

The Bonanza marketplace is an eclectic blend of resellers selling big brand names and smaller boutique brands looking to engage a new audience. Not to mention no listing or membership fees, either.

Bonanza is a fantastic alternative to Etsy as the team proactively educate sellers about the bigger world of ecommerce, instead of ignoring life outside their own marketplace.

Bonanza vs Etsy comparison:

  • Wide range of products & categories
  • Access to Google Adwords & external marketing
  • Direct competition from world famous brands
  • Open to cheap, mass-produced products

If you want to learn more about Bonanza, check out our Bonanza review to see how Bonanza educates its sellers, as well as helps them grow.

Storenvy vs Etsy

etsy alternatives storenvy

Are you a small, unique brand?

Storenvy is a versatile website like Etsy that puts a focus on the unique, independent brands like yours. Small brands that have a focus on quality, not just quantity are best suited to selling on Storenvy.

Storenvy is a higher quality than a lot of Etsy alternatives which means less competition and a higher average quality of product.

TIP: If you’re selling the same product on Storenvy and Etsy, increase the price for it on Storenvy. Storenvy’s average sale price is higher than that of Etsy.

Storenvy offers the seller a marketplace listing and the option of their own customized store. However, the customized store is not very versatile – many Storenvy sellers see it as an unnecessary feature.

Storenvy also listens to its community of buyers, by regularly promoting popular and interesting products.

These popular products are often shared by the Storenvy team on their social media channels, thrusting your product in front of even more potential buyers!

Storenvy vs Etsy comparison:

  • Staff regularly promotes popular listings on social media which is Storenvy’s advantage over Etsy.
  • Very high-quality products and listings.
  • Storenvy is slowly becoming more and more competitive as Etsy is.
  • Customized store feature isn’t necessary.

Want to build your own website but not sure where to start? Check out our mammoth WooCommerce vs Shopify comparison:

WooCommerce vs Shopify: Finding the best ecommerce platform for you.

Tictail vs Etsy

etsy alternatives tictail

Tictail is a marketplace, home to over 140 worldwide brands that sell art, fashion and home decor.

Tictail is one of the best Etsy alternatives as hundreds of now established brands have used the marketplace to launch and build a following.

Tictail can be better than Etsy if you’re the right kind of seller!

Tictail also operates a store in downtown NYC called the Tictail market. The team regularly showcases seller’s products in the store and frequently hold special events.

sites like etsy tictail retail store

This makes Tictail the only Etsy alternative to offer a retail option!

Tictail vs Etsy comparison:

  • High amounts of traffic.
  • Physical retail store in New York
  • Very niche buyers
  • Competing against more established brands.

A seller will find success on Tictail if they’re truly unique. If there is something that well and truly makes your brand stand out, this will appeal immensely a Tictail buyer.

Dawanda vs Etsy

etsy alternatives dawanda

Are you based in Europe, or looking to expand your brand into that part of the world?

DaWanda is one of our favourite websites like Etsy as it’s home to a wide range of categories that your product can fall in to. 

Often referred to as the ‘Etsy of Europe’, because of its beginnings in Germany, it’s become the most popular handmade marketplace in mainland Europe.

If you browse through nearly any category, one can be forgiven for thinking that they’re browsing an Ikea catalogue or exclusive Scandinavian fashion magazine.

sites like etsy dawanda sellingProducts are presented in a much higher stand on Dawanda than Etsy

This is due to the fact that the Dawanda team regularly audit listings to make sure everything is up to scratch. This means that products are of a higher quality, there is less competition and the average sales price is increased.

Tip: As Dawanda is offered in multiple languages, you can get the upper hand by translating your listings into those various languages.

Dawanda vs Etsy comparison:

  • Higher average cart spend.
  • Product quality is much higher.
  • Only European.
  • Multiple Languages.

TIP: Learn more about selling on Dawanda – Take a look at our ‘8 Tips to start selling on Dawanda’ article!

Society6 vs Etsyetsy alternatives society6

Society6 is more than just a marketplace to sell your work. Just like RedBubble, it’s an Etsy alternative that focuses on your digital art and gives you a place to profit from your work.

You can upload your work and decide which mediums it can be printed on. From phone cases and duffle bags to underwear and shower curtains, buyers can purchase your artwork and have it be the centrepiece of a wide range of items.

sites like etsy society6 products

Print your art onto a wide range of products on the Society6 marketplace.

You name your price for each product and you own the rights to the artwork indefinitely. Print On Demand (POD) websites usually passes between 10-20% of the sale price onto the artist.

Most sites similar to Etsy keep less than 5% of the final fee themselves.

Society6 keeping 80% of the sale price may seem a lot, but remember that the marketplace takes care of the transaction, printing, postage and all follow-ups with the customer!

Plus, you don’t have to deal with returns or refunds!

Society6 vs Etsy comparison:

  • Niche market for visual artists.
  • Sellers don’t have a physical product.
  • Most of the profit goes to Society6.
  • Artist has no control over product quality.

Tip: Be your own customer. Buy your own products and sell them at craft fairs, your own website or other local businesses.

Redbubble vs Etsy

etsy alternatives redbubble

Redbubble is an Etsy alternative for print on demand products and digital artists, similar to Society6.

Artists upload their artwork and buyers can have that artwork printed on a huge variety of products. From clothing and stickers to wall tapestries and clocks.

When a product is ordered, Redbubble themselves will put the image onto the product and you (the artist) receive a commission of between 10-20% (Redbubble say the average take-home profit is 17%). Either way, you control the amount that you take home.

Redbubble adjusts the price of your art according to how much of a commission you’d like to earn.

This may seem like a lot, but for a digital artist, this is a great model to get your artwork seen and to even make money off it.

The POD (print on demand) service takes care of the transaction, printing, delivery and any customer queries or complaints after the transaction.

sites like etsy redbubble how it works

Redbubble makes it easier for you to sell your digital art online. 

If you’re a digital artist, consider using Redbubble to get your artwork seen and into the hands of your fans!

Redbubble vs Etsy comparison:

  • Can use Google SEO to boost sales.
  • Huge range of products to put your art onto.
  • Artist only pockets approx. 20%
  • Huge range of artists/competition.

Tip Your Redbubble titles, tags and product descriptions are picked up by Google. That means that when someone searches ‘funny cat t-shirt’, there is every chance that your Redbubble listing will appear – so be sure that you’ve got killer product descriptions.

Zibbet vs Etsy

etsy alternatives zibbet

Zibbet is a very popular Etsy alternative that offers a marketplace to buy and sell art, craft and vintage goods.

A lot of Etsy alternatives have much higher quality listings than Etsy. Product photography and branding is much more professional looking, and Zibbet is no exception.

Many product listings have styled models presenting clothing or jewellery. Home decor is often placed in a beautiful looking room, designed to show off the product in all its glory.

Like most websites like Etsy, a seller can list products on the marketplace and also create a complimentary web store. You can also import listings directly from Etsy.

When you sell on Zibbet, you also have access to their website builder.

sites like etsy zibbet website

The website builder is known for being quite flexible and easy to use and is a great way for a seller to experiment with customization and branding their store.

Traffic isn’t high and therefore selling exposure suffers, so selling on Zibbet is best if you’re also selling on other marketplaces.

Zibbet vs Etsy comparison:

  • High-quality product listings.
  • Quickly gathering popularity amongst buyers
  • Low traffic
  • Fierce competition.

Folksy vs Etsy

etsy alternatives folksy

Are you a British crafter? Want to establish yourself in your home country before venturing elsewhere in the work?

Folksy is one of, (if not the) most popular Etsy alternatives in the UK.

It’s a marketplace designed to sell arts and crafts only from British sellers.

Because of its quality of products, heavy and localised traffic, Folksy is quickly becoming one of the best marketplaces to sell crafts in the UK.

Folksy does not allow the sale of vintage goods and instead promotes small, handmade crafters and artisans.

This is unusual, but a lot of marketplaces similar to Etsy thrive because they are niche. The focus on one thing. In Folksy’s case, it’s handmade British craft

Folksy vs Etsy comparison:

  • Exclusively for British crafters
  • Fantastic customer support team
  • Only has British customers.
  • Lots of competition.

Folksy is quickly becoming one of our favourite websites like Etsy.

With its low fees, high traffic and quality of service for both buyer and seller, it may very well become your favourite soon, too.

Aftcra vs Etsy

Americans also have their own craft marketplace! Aftcra can help you get your brand noticed in the US of A before you grow elsewhere!

Aftcra is a marketplace similar to Folksy, but exclusive to only sellers that are in the United States. Not to mention, they have no listing fees!

Aftcra is quickly gathering popularity in the US and a fantastic alternative to Etsy. It opens it’s doors to sellers of all kinds of products, as long as they are handmade, unique and made in small numbers.

Just like Folksy, you’re unable to sell vintage products on Aftcra.

At the moment, Aftcra is quite basic in the way it operates – you open a store, list products and start selling. There’s Google Analytics integration, but that’s about it in terms of features to help you sell.

Aftcra is young and growing, and it will most certainly expand its features in the future as more people- both buyers and sellers – start to use the website more.

Aftcra vs Etsy comparison:

  • No fees!
  • Tight definitions of ‘Handmade’
  • Only American sellers, mostly American buyers
  • Limited features

If you’re American and a small handmade seller, Aftcra is the best Etsy alternative for you to try out!

Rebelsmarket vs Etsy

etsy alternatives rebelsmarket

Rebelsmarket is an Etsy alternative for…well, alternative fashion and trends.

The products and buyers are what makes this a unique marketplace.

No boho chic or floral patterns, Rebelsmarket is all about the spikes, leather and fishnets. Mostly clothing but this online marketplace specialises in all things goth, punk, metal and alternative.

sites like etsy rebelsmarket

3 of many different sub-cultures to sell your work on Rebelsmarket

The biggest difference is that to sell on Rebelsmarket, you must first apply and manually be approved.

This simple process is to make sure the marketplace stay exclusive and consistent with the products currently on offer.

Rebelsmarket vs Etsy comparison:

  • Very niche buyers – they know what they want
  • Buyers are engaged & ready to buy.
  • Very niche buyers – your product must fit
  • The waiting period to sell.

Rebelsmarket is a fantastic Etsy alternative as the buying audience is very narrow and specific – meaning buyers know what they want and will buy your product when they see it. 

Amazon Handmade vs Etsy

etsy alternatives handmade at amazon

Amazon Handmade is one of the most talked about websites like Etsy.

In 2015, eCommerce giant, Amazon, decided to offer a marketplace dedicated to selling handmade and artisanal products.

Amazon handmade doesn’t get anywhere near the amount of traffic or exposure that Etsy gets, but it’s still a very popular marketplace that gets engaged, ready to buy buyers.

TIP: Interested in trying Amazon Handmade? Have a look at our Amazon vs eBay article to find out if Amazon Handmade is right for you!

Unfortunately, Amazon Handmade isn’t getting the traction or the exposure it was expected too. Fees are high ($40 per month), but this does expose you to nearly 300 million buyers – a lot more eyes that nearly every other Etsy alternatives we’re discussing.

Selling on Amazon Handmade is a good idea if you’re interested in broadening your sales beyond Etsy.

Amazon Handmade vs Etsy comparison:

  • Insane amount of traffic.
  • Buyers are already in ‘buy’ mode.
  • Insane amount of competition.
  • Fees are high.

If your product is unique and you’re confident that you can compete against mass-produced products that are cheap and quickly shipped, Amazon Handmade may be your best Etsy alternative!

Getting started on your new Etsy alternatives

When trying a new online marketplace like Etsy, there’s a lot you must learn. The user interface, fees, categories, and a wide range of other things.

Luckily, listing your products and managing orders don’t have to be difficult.

Using a tool like Multichannel makes expanding into your new Etsy alternatives a lot easier.

Save yourself the frustration that comes with learning a new channel by automatically listing your products on the marketplace you’d like to sell in.

Whether you make a sale in your new Etsy alternative, your own web store or Etsy itself, Multichannel will show all your sales and customers in one place.

Managing your Etsy store and Dawanda with Multichannel is simple

Try Multichannel and see how it can save you almost 14 hours per week while selling on Etsy and your favourite Etsy alternative.

What’s your favourite website like Etsy?

We’ve discussed some of the most popular websites like Etsy – but now you’re probably wondering which one is best for you.

Truth be told, only you can answer that yourself. As mentioned, a marketplace may have a lot of traffic, but the buyers may not be interested in what you’re selling.

A lesser-known marketplace may bring you more sales from less traffic. 

Simply put, it’s all about trial and error. Be prepared to try new things, to learn, to fail and to succeed!

What are some of your favourite websites like Etsy that we forgot about? Let us know in the comments!

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