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Hi there

Simplify ecommerce. Inspire Anyone.

We believe that all of us have ideas and dreams that we put on hold because we don’t think we have tools to realise those dreams.

The reason Shoplo exists is to make sure that anyone can be inspired to turn their passion into reality. We do this through providing them with tools that simplify several steps of ecommerce and online selling as well as being the helping hand whenever our customers need us.

This is Shoplo

Shoplo was founded in 2012 by people who believed that e-commerce can be simple and available for everyone. The same belief drives till this today. We are now a group of +30 like-minded folks who dedicate their work to helping and supporting people in turning their passion into reality.

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We know that the Shoplo success is in our hands. We all shape the future of ecommerce and are responsible for making our solutions better. We are proactive and share feedback with colleagues, but we respect ownership and other people’s work.


We strive for diversity and an open feedback culture. We consult people from different departments and positions before making decisions. When hiring new people, we look for cultural addition, not fit.


We show respect, care and concern for people. We put ourselves in their shoes when approaching a challenge, especially when it comes to our customers. We support, give feedback and coach. We never micro-manage.


We stay open-minded and use creativity when facing problems. We don’t lean on “this is how we have always done it”. We question, we try, we fail, we try again, and then we succeed finding a simple solution to something that was complicated.


We’re never tired of raising the bar because we want our customers to be more successful with us. We improve our skills and knowledge to do better. We know that growth doesn’t come from a place of comfort and we are always ready to step out of it.

Agile & data driven

Our gut, our experience, our curiousness is what drives us and makes us try new things. Data is what we lean on to understand whether that new thing helps us in our mission to simplify ecommerce.


We are brave. We speak our minds and stand-up for what we believe. We try new things, we fail quick to learn fast. Shoplo was started with an idea of doing something a few have done before. We are proud to carry this brave story forward.

Hi there

A place you can call home

Language classes - we offer you free classes in 3 languages: English, Spanish and Polish.

Friday breakfasts - every week we have a delicious breakfast together, it’s the best way to start the day.

Tech talks & board game evenings - we love learning new things and having fun together afterwork.

Hi there

Join the Shoplo family. Shape the future of ecommerce.

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