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Adding products

To add a product to your store go to ‘Products’ > On the top right corner click on ‘+ Product’.

When adding a product make sure to complete the following sections:

Basic information

Fill in the following fields:

  • Product Name*
  • Price*
  • Product description
  • Add at least one image
  • Stock-Keeping Unit (SKU)*

*These are required fields.

Advanced view

Scroll down and click on ‘Advanced view’ to expand the additional fields. Fill in the additional information.

Pay special attention to the “electronic product” field. Select ‘Yes’ only if you are selling e-products or digital downloads that don’t need a physical delivery address.


Here you can also add the product to the appropriate category, collection and assign it to a specific vendor.


Inventory level

Here you can select if Shoplo should keep track of stock level for this product.


If you select high availability you will get a low stock alert when it reaches 20 units, low availability when it reaches 5 units.

Check this option if you want the customer to be able to buy the product even if you are out of stock.

High availability – For products that sell fast. You will receive a notification when the stock of this product is lower than 20 units.
Average availability – For average-selling products. You will get a notification when the stock of this product is lower than 10 units.
Low availability – For products that aren’t bought often. You will be notified when the stock of this product is lower than 5 units.


As a last (optional) step, you can fill out the SEO data.


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