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Adding products

To add a product to your store go to Products > On the top right corner click on +Product.

When adding a product make sure to complete the following sections:

  • Product name and basic information

    First, fill in the name. If this product does not have any variants, enter the SKU in the basic information tab, enter the price and select whether Shoplo is to track stock levels.

  • Variants

  • If your product has variants, click the tab. I have multiple variants
  • You can add up to three parameters, e.g. Color, Size, Material.
  • Complete the values for these parameters, followed by Price and SKU for each variant.
  • You can find more information on managing variants here.

    VAT Tax rate

    Here you can choose the VAT rate from the drop-down list. (You can edit these values in Settings> Regional> Value-Added Tax).

  • Additionally, you can check the option: Exempt from taxes or not applicable.

    Product description and images

    Make sure you have a good description of your products. Put in it the most important information that can be of interest to potential customers.
    Also, add photos. We recommend adding all product photos in the same proportion. For more information about photos, see this article.


    Additional information

    A short description is not used in our templates. Such functionality can be added on request. You do not have to complete it.
    If you want, you can also enter the dimensions of your product.


Tags and Product Organization

You can arrange products into collections, categories and assign a vendor to them. Additionally, you can add tags.

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