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Banners help you inform your customers about new products, promotions or sales, and direct them directly to the appropriate pages in your store.

In this article, you will learn:

What type of banners are available?

Banners can be:

  • a single photo
  • a group of photos displayed next to each other
  • a slider of changing images.

A frame is a single image in the banner.

How to add banners

Go to Layout > Customize

In the place where you can add banners, you will see the photo icon and the message click here to add a banner.

Click, and you will see the following message:

Then select images from your disk or drop them over the designated area. Remember to save changes after you add photos.

How to edit banners:

As soon as you add photos or if you return to editing the banner – you will see three tabs:

  • General
  • Theme
  • Content


These settings are only available for banners that are sliders. They apply to all frames (pictures) simultaneously.

Select whether images should change automatically, set the effect when switching to the subsequent frame, and choose after how many seconds you want to show the next picture.

You can also add arrows to facilitate manual change to the next frame.


In this tab, you can add captions to the image. Enter a title, description, select their colour, size (depending on the type of device: desktop or mobile device), and position in relation to the image.

Remember that you can edit these fields individually for each image.


Here you can specify where the customer should be redirected when they click on the selected image, and optionally, you can add the ALT parameter.

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