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In this article you will learn:

How to add a blog

In Shoplo you can create several blogs. Go to Pages & blogs > Click on Blogs > Then on +Blog.


Enter the blog title and click on ‘Save changes’. You can also paste additional scripts into comments and fill out the SEO related info.

You can edit later on any blog. Go to Pages & blogs > Click on Blogs > Then click on the pencil in order to edit the blog.


How to add an article to a blog

Go to Pages & blogs > Click on Blog posts > Click on +Blog post.


Enter the article title and upload a photo that will appear in the article’s preview.


Then complete the content of the article and, if necessary, add an excerpt (which will appear also in the article’s preview).


Select the author and blog to which this article should be added.


You can also add tags and complete the SEO info. Then select if the article should be already visible on the blog and set the publication date. Dates will set the order of articles.


Click on ‘Save changes’.

How to change the order of articles

You can change the order of articles by changing the publication date. Go to Pages & blogs > Click on Blog posts > Click on the pencil to edit the article.


There you can change the publication date. Articles will be displayed chronologically.

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