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How can I create a new category?

You can create a new category by going to Products> Categories > + Categories

1. Add a category name.
2. Optionally you can add photos*, a description, and SEO info.
3. Save.
*Only some themes support displaying a photo collection.

How to add products to a category and determine their order?

Go to Products > Categories > Click on Arrange.

Here you can add products to the categories and set their order.

You can change the order of the products in four ways:

  • grab the bottom right corner and drag it to the desired place

  • Click on three dots and select the appropriate option

  • select several products and select the proper option from the menu at the bottom.

  • select the order based on the default drop-down menu

You can also add a product to a category directly from the Product tab > Click on the product > Click on Organise and select the appropriate category.

How to create subcategories and change the order of categories?

You can create subcategories in two ways:

Click +Subcategory for the selected category.

Or drag one category into another, to create a subcategory.

Reordering can also be done by dragging the category to the desired location.

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