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Collections, Categories and Vendors

Properly arranging your products is an essential element of customer information presentation.


Categories allow to group and organize your products. You can define the main categories and subcategories, move them between themselves, and arrange the order of products within them.

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Collections can be beneficial, for example, if you sell seasonal items, if you are cleaning up stock or if you occasionally group products. A reference to this collection can then be freely placed in your store. By default, every new store you create will have a home page collection. By adding a new product, you are adding it to this collection.

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Brand & Vendors

For each product, you can specify the vendor or brand. This way, you can display the products of your brand in the store, and your customers will more easily choose to buy the products of their favourite brand. Your store template may have individual sections on the store pages to expose the manufacturers’ logos and their names.

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