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Customers in the mobile app

In the bottom navigation bar, click on ‘Customers’.

In the customer’s list, you will see the name and last name of your clients as well as the number of orders placed by them.


To see more customer details, click on a specific customer.

Edit data

If you want to change any customer data, go to Customers > Select a customer > click on Edit.

Here you can edit the customer data, including the delivery address.

Contact your customers

If you want to contact a customer, you can call or send an e-mail. Go to Customers and select the customer you want to contact. Then click on the appropriate icon:

After selecting the icon you will be transferred to the default application for the selected action.


In the details of each customer, you will see a list of his orders. You can click on each of them, check and edit each detail of the order.


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