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The ‘Customers’ section is a page dedicated to showing you all of your customers. If you have no customers or sales yet, sales channels like Shoplo and Shopify let you place test orders.  Log into those platforms outside of Shoplo Multichannel and place a test order.

When you have either a real order or a test order, the order and customer will automatically be synced into Shoplo Multichannel.

The customer section will display a list of all your customers, their names, activity, location, their orders and the total amount of money they have spent in your store.
If you click on a customer’s name, you will see more detailed information.

The name of the customer is listed at the top, as well as their amount of orders and their total spend amount. Below is a listed tally of the customer’s orders.

Here you can see the order number, the sales channel that the order was placed in, the payment status of the order and the total amount of the order.

To the right, you can see the customer’s details, which you can edit at any time.

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