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Editing products

Each product in Shoplo can be edited.

To do so, go to your Dashboard > Products and select the item you’d like to update.

To select, click the name of the product.

Sections you’ll see while editing your product page:

What’s on the right?

Product name and  type of product

Here you can change the product name and decide whether it is a service or a physical or digital product.


Here you can add and delete pictures, as well as change their order and select the main image. Find out more.


In this section, you will see a preview of up to the first ten variants of this product. If you want to see more, click View all.

Here you can assign an image to a variant, change SKU, parameter values, price and other data about individual variants.

Here you will find more information about variant management.

Product visibility

Here you can choose whether the product should be visible on the front of the store and whether it should be automatically hidden if it’s stock level is zero.

Product description

You can change the product description here. Make sure that it contains all the most important information that can be helpful to your customers.

Additional information

If you have selected a theme that contains a short description, you can put it here.

Besides, you can enter the dimensions of the product.


Add your Product SEO. The title will appear on the browser’s tab. Why is SEO so important? You can find out on our blog.

Notes and history

Here you can add a note to your product (it will be visible only to you), and you will see the history of changes in this product.

What’s on the right?


Here you will find general information about the stock level, price range and product promotions

Organize (adding the product to the collection/category)

Assign the product to the vendor and appropriate collections and categories.

Learn more about collections, categories and vendors.


Add or remove tags

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