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Editing products

Each product in Shoplo can be edited.

To do so, go to your Dashboard > Products and select the item you’d like to update.

To select, click the ‘edit icon’ or click the name of the product.

Sections you’ll see while editing your product page:

Basic information 

Want to change the name and description? This is the place to do it.


Here you can add and delete pictures, as well as change their order and select the main image. Find out more!

Additional Information 

Here you can add a short description, dimensions, and decide whether the product is a physical or a digital product. Also, you will choose the VAT rate. You can edit VAT rates in Setting> Regional> Value Added Tax


Add your Product SEO. Why is SEO so important? You can find out on our blog.


Here you can see all that has been going on with your product, all the changes you made and whatnot.

What’s on the right?


Here you can edit variants and change their prices and stock levels. More on that here.


If you’d like to hide a product or make it visible again, you can do it here.


To make your product easier to find, add the appropriate tags. Think about materials, colours, sizes and other things your customers search for to find your product.


A well-organised shop is a pleasure to visit, organise your products by vendors, collections and categories.

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