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Facebook Messenger

Your customers can receive notification of the status change of the order, not only via email but also via Facebook Messenger. This is an automated process that does not require any extra effort on your part.

In order to activate this option:

1. Log in to your dashboard and click on Settings > Facebook Messenger.

2. Click the Connect button and log in to your Facebook account.


3. Accept all necessary permissions

4. Once accepted, you will be transferred to Shoplo dashboard. Select the fan page that you want to use to communicate with your customers and click Next.


5. Customize the design of the button, that customers will see on the ‘thank you for your order’ page.


6. Choose which notifications will be sent to your customers. You can enable or disable these options using the slider:


7. In the same section, you can find the default notification templates. If needed, you can edit them by clicking on the edit button:


8. When creating a message, you can use variables that will substitute appropriate data from the system, e.g., {client_first_name} is the client’s name. You will find the variables in the edit mode:


9. Save changes, and you’re done!

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