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Free delivery and delivery rate types

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Free delivery

Regardless of the delivery type, you can always offer free shipping.

When adding a delivery method in the field where you should Specify delivery rate type, select a fixed rate, and enter zero in the delivery cost box.

You can also add a free delivery, i.e., above the specified order value.

How to set a delivery based on the value or weight of the order

In Shoplo, you can set the delivery type depending on the weight or order value. You can also create appropriate intervals.

When you add or edit a delivery method, select a rate type, either weight or value-based rate. Enter a range and price and save changes.

If you want to add another interval – add a new delivery, but the exact delivery method and with exactly the same name, just different value range.

For example:

Add a country delivery called “Courier” with the value range from £0 – £99, delivery cost £15.

Then again add a country delivery, also called “Courier” with a range from 100 to an infinite value  (just leave it empty) and enter the amount of £10. Of course, you can also type zero. Then the shipping by courier for a £100 order will be free of charge.

This way, you will get two ranges, based on order value:

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