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General Settings

Go to ‘Settings’ > Click on ‘General’.

In this article you will learn about:

Storefront settings you need to know and verify

Store name – This will be visible in the browser tab, on the top left corner of your dashboard and in all email templates where your store name is a variable.

Admin account email – This is the address we will use to send you information such as invoice notifications.

Storefront email – Depending on the theme, it may be visible to your customers. In addition, it will be used in email templates where store email is a variable.

Phone number displayed for customers – Similar to the storefront email.

Bank name and account number – When you create email templates you will be able to use this information as variables. If you change your bank details, you only need to update this data in here.


Storefront settings you may like to know 

Store password protection – With this password, you can block access for customers while building your store. Learn more about this.

Additional tracking code – Here you can add your UA code and other scripts. You don’t need to add it to the theme code. Learn more about Google Analytics.shoplo-general-additional-settings.png

Terms of business – Choose the pages where the Terms of Business and Privacy and Cookie Policy will be found. They will appear in the footer on the checkout page.

Additional clauses in checkout – Here you will find additional clauses that the customer will see on the checkout page, before confirming the purchase.


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