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Shoplo supports and recommends using Universal Analytics.

In this article, you will learn:

How to add GA code and enable Google Analytics in Shoplo?

Go to Settings > Conversion and Tracking > Additional tracking code > Google Analytics code and enter there your Tracking ID.

You can find it in the Google Analytics dashboard. Log in to and on the left side menu click on Admin> Select an Account > Select a Property> Tracking Info > Tracking Code.

The Tracking ID should be in the following form: UA-XXXXXXXX-X



How do I enable e-commerce tracking in my Google Analytics account?

Make sure you have already added the UA code in the General settings in your Shoplo dashboard. Learn more about this.

Login to your Google Analytics account > Admin (select an Account, a Property, and View) > From the View column, select E-commerce Settings.


Enable e-commerce by clicking on the button so it will show as ‘ON’.


How to Enable Enhanced E-commerce?

Enable Enhanced E-commerce only if you want to monitor other on-page events than those tracked by Universal Analytics. If you are interested in basic events, then you should check e-commerce.

Before launching in the Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce dashboard, please contact us. Provide the events that you want to monitor, and we will have to modify the code accordingly.

When you launch Enhanced Ecommerce in the Shoplo dashboard, you still must enable it in the Google Analytics dashboard.

Login to your Google Analytics account > Admin (select an Account, a Property, and View) > From the View column, choose E-commerce Settings.


Turn on E-commerce (if you have not already done so), and then click on Next Step.

Enable Enhanced E-commerce reporting and click on Submit.


Excluding referrer domains

If your store’s checkout is in a different domain, then you must add a reference domain exclusion. This way, you will be able to track your customers’ behavior better.

Log into Google Analytics and on the left side menu click on Admin> Select an AccountProperty > Tracking InfoReferral Exclusion list.


Click on Add Referral exclusion.


Type all the domains you want to exclude.

Enter the following:

  • Your store’s domain (
  • Store name on Shoplo’s domain (
  • Paypal – In case you use this kind of payment method
  • and any other domain you want to exclude

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