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Generating an XML file for Facebook/Google Shopping

This add-on can be found here. Simply, click Install add-on.


Log into your account, if you haven’t done that already.

Click Install to confirm the installation.


Now you can create a new data feed:

  • Enter the data feed name
  • Choose country and language
  • Select currency

Remember that you’ll need a separate product group for each country you sell in.


Then click on ‘Go back to categories mapping’.


Now you can map your categories, which is basically matching your categories on Shoplo to the ones existing in Google Shopping.

Save the changes you made and click Next to go to the following page.

Now choose which items you’d like to add to the product feed and click Next again.


Last, but not least, you can generate the file (you’ll also get an email with the access to the link).


Now, you can copy the link to the XML file.

Important information:

In the product feed, there will only be products that are visible on the store and products that are mapped in the categories application.

Also, the SKU number can’t have special characters, so the application will remove them and only letters and number will remain.

Please note that in the XML file each variant is treated as a separate product.

Add the created XML file to a Facebook catalog

The created file can be added, for example, to a Facebook catalog. Find out how to do it in here.

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