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How to change the map and images on the contact page?

On the contact page, you can change the map and images.

You can change the map in two simple steps:


How to generate a map code?

Go to the page

In the upper left corner, enter your address and search for it.

Then click on ‘Share’.


Then select ‘Embed map’ and copy the link


Now you can put this code on the ‘Contact’ page of your store.

How to place a map eg. on the contact page?

Go to Pages & Blogs > Pages and click on the contact page. If you do not have one, you can create it in with the help of this article.

Then, when editing the page content, select HTML Editor (<>). 


If there was a map on this page – find the code:


Remove the old code and paste the new one. Now you can click on ‘Save changes’.

Replacing images on the contact page

Go to ‘Pages & blogs’ > Pages > Contact

Delete the existing photos. Add new ones by clicking on the ‘Image’ icon.

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