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How to customize a theme

Each theme can be customized to suit your brand better, giving it your personal touch. You can change the colors, fonts or sizes of each individual element.

In this article, you can learn about

How to customize your theme

Log into your dashboard and go to the Layout > Customize

For inactive templates: Layout> Installed templates> template that you want to customize> …> Customise

While customizing you can:

  • Access the page you wish to edit.

  • Preview what it looks like on a mobile device

  • Go to change the layout

  • Hide/show the side menu

  • Finally, save changes

In the side menu, you can access all the options for editing your layout


What elements can I customize?

While customizing you can edit

  • Banners
  • Content (separators, buttons e.g buy now)
  • The layout of the store e.g colours, fonts


Here you can read more about banners – here


Hover over the text you want to change, then click the edit icon. Change the content and save the changes.


On the right side menu, you can edit colours, fonts, header settings, select the collection displayed on the main page, change the settings of the shopping cart, footer, pagination, customize links to social media and select the number of displayed articles from the blog.

Remember to save changes, when you are done.


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