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Importing products from CSV

Go to Products > Click on the three dots > Select ‘Import products from CSV’.

Steps when importing products:

Preparing and uploading your CSV file

Click on ‘Upload a file’.

The file should be prepared as follows:

  • Use UTF-8 encoding
  • Use a comma (,) as s field separator
  • Use quotation marks (“) as a text separator

Register categories:

Use the text separator (“) to register a category and add the following categories after a comma.

(…), “Men, Women, accessories, extras”, (…)

Subcategories are added using the “>” sign.

“Men> Shirts> Long Sleeve”, (…)

Example (Men’s Shirt):

Belongs to the categories:

  • Men> Shirt
  • Special products

Let’s assume that there are only two columns in the CSV file: title and category

The file will look like this:

Men’s shirt, “Men > Shirt, Special product”

Matching the right columns (mapping)

Match your CSV file columns to the columns from Shoplo. Remember to tick all the columns that you need.

Depending on the number of products, the import can take several minutes.


What if the CSV file doesn’t import?

If the file doesn’t import your products properly, it might mean a few things:

  • The file is saved in the wrong format
  • Several products have the same SKU
  • There are empty fields in the SKU column
  • Something is really not working well – Please write to us and we will help you.
  • Etsy CSV files may have problems.  If you’re trying to import an Etsy CSV, please contact us.


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