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Managing a Dawanda account with Multichannel

Before connecting your Dawanda account

In order to connect your Dawanda account to Multichannel, you will need an API key. You can get your API Key in here. On the left side menu, click on the option ‘Register / Access your API-Key’:

Enter the following answers:
To Question 1: I want to connect to Shoplo Multichannel
To Question 2:
Accept the terms and confirm that you are at least 18 years old. Click on Save.

You will see your API key at the top of the page:

Connecting your Dawanda account to Multichannel

Sign in to your Multichannel dashboard and from the left menu click on the ‘+’ button:

Look for ‘Dawanda’ and click on ‘Connect’.

Then enter your  Dawanda API Key, email address, password and click again on ‘Connect‘.

How does the data synchronization work?

After you connect your Dawanda account to Shoplo Multichannel, there will be an automatic data update every 5 minutes. This means that every 5 minutes any changes on your orders, customers and stock will be reflected in Multichannel.
Please note that from now on, all changes on your products and stock should be done from your Multichannel account. If you make a change on Dawanda, Multichannel will also overwrite it within minutes.

Exporting products to Dawanda

Make sure you have a shipping method already set up in Dawanda before you export a product from Multichannel. You can’t export a product to Dawanda without a shipping method and you can only set one up directly on your Dawanda account.

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