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Managing a WooCommerce store with Multichannel

Before connecting your account

In order to connect your WooCommerce store to Multichannel,  you’ll first need to generate API keys in your WooCommerce account. Before generating your API Keys, there are a few settings you need to make sure that are correctly set up in your WooCommerce account.

  • Make sure the WordPress Permalinks are turned on: Go to Settings > Permalinks
  • Enable Rest API: Go to WooCommerce > Then Settings > On the API tab select ‘Enable REST API’.
  • Create a user: Go to Users > Enter a username and email address and set the role as ‘Administrator’

Generating an API Key

To generate an API Key go to the WooCommerce section > Click on Settings > Then on the API tab > Keys/Apps > and then click on ‘Add Key’.

Enter a description and the user you want to generate the API key for.
Select the permission level ‘Read/Write’ for this API key and click on ‘ Generate API Key’.

Connecting your WooCommerce account

Once you have your API Key, follow these steps:
Sign in to your Multichannel dashboard and from the left menu click on the ‘+’ button:

Look for ‘WooCommerce’ and click on Connect:

Then enter your store URL, Consumer Key, Consumer Secret and click again on Connect.

How does the data synchronization work?

After you connect your WooCommerce account to Shoplo Multichannel, any changes on your orders, customers and stock will be reflected in Multichannel immediately.

Please note, that from now on all changes on your products and stock should be done from your Multichannel account. If you manually edit your inventory on WooCommerce, Multichannel will immediately overwrite the changes, and if you make any changes to product details, the data might not be correctly updated in Multichannel, causing data mismatch among your sales channels. To avoid this, only make changes from your Multichannel dashboard.

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