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Managing an Etsy store with Multichannel

Connecting your Etsy account

Connecting your Etsy account is pretty simple:
Sign in to your Multichannel dashboard and from the left menu click on the ‘+’ button.

 Look for ‘Etsy’ and click on Connect:

Enter your Etsy store name and click again on Connect.

You will be asked to sign into your Etsy account:

Click on Allow access:

You will be redirected to Shoplo Multichannel where the import of your products will start.

How does the data synchronization work?

After you connect your Etsy account to Shoplo Multichannel, there will be an automatic data update every 5 minutes. This means that every 5 minutes any changes on your orders, customers and stock will be reflected in Multichannel.
Please note, that from now on all changes on your products details and stock should be done from your Multichannel account. If you make a change on Esty, Multichannel will also overwrite it within minutes.

Exporting products to Etsy

Here is some important info you need to know before listing a product on Etsy from Shoplo Multichannel:

Product titles: Etsy puts a limit of 140 characters to product titles
Tags: You can use up to 13 tags for each product
Shipping: You need to have a shipping profile set up in your Etsy account in order to select a shipping option when exporting your product from Multichannel to Etsy
SKUs: Your SKU’s in Etsy can’t have more than 32 characters
Product variants: Etsy only allows you to have up to 2 product variations (e.g.: size or colour).
Product quantity: You can’t specify quantity on the product variant, only on the entire listing.

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