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Managing variants

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What are variants and parameters?

Variants are different versions of the same product. For example, one product can come in several sizes (S, M, L) and colours (red, blue, black). The size S product in colour blue is one variant, and the same product in size S and black colour is the second variant.

Size and colour are parameters. 

Creating variants for an existing product

Go to Product > select product > Variants and click on Manage Parameters

You can add up to three parameters.

For example, add a colour and material parameter and assign values to them. Remember that the size of letters is important – use exactly the same for each subsequent product. Changes are automatically saved each time parameters, and their values are edited.

In this example, you will get four variants.

You can now change the automatically generated SKU, fill in inventory, prices and other information about the created variants.

Deleting variants

If your product does not occur in a particular variant, you can delete it.

Go to Products> select product> Variants> View all

Select the ones you want to delete

From the bottom menu, select Delete and click Save changes.

Managing variants:

If your product has variants created, you can edit them.

Go to Products > Choose product> Variants. Use the slider to find value and select the one you want to change for the given variant and then, click on Save changes.

Adding a single variant

You can only add a single variant if your product already has variants. If they don’t have any, check here to learn how to add your first variant.

Go to  Product > Select Product > Variants >  Add variant.

Fill in all the values (price, SKU, etc.)

You can also add the variant availability, which is the estimated time you will need to deliver this specific variant, and decide whether Shoplo should manage inventory level tracking for this variant or not.

At the end click on Add variant.

Assigning a specific colour to a variant

As one of the product parameters, you can choose a colour. You can also specify its value as a HEX code. Thanks to that, customers will see the selected colour instead of just the colour name.

In your dashboard, go to Products> Select product> Variants > Manage parameters

Then, while adding the colour parameter, you will see a field, on which you will be able to enter HEX code or choose a colour.

In addition, when editing more products, you’ll see a hint when you enter the colour name:

Changing product parameters

If you want, you can edit the parameters and their values.

Go to Products> select Product> Variants and click Manage parameters

Here you can add/remove parameters and change their values. Remember that all changes are saved automatically and on an ongoing basis. That means that if you delete the entire parameter and then decide, that you still want to keep it – you won’t be able to undo this action and you will have to add it again.

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