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Navigating your dashboard

Shoplo is a simple and intuitive platform.

Once you’ve logged into your dashboard, you will be able to manage all aspects of your store.

On the left side menu, you will have access to the following pages:

Start /Dashboard

Once you’ve created your store, you’ll see a blank-slate with a list of steps you have to follow. Once you are done with them you will see a dashboard with the basic statistics of your store.


Here you can add or import products, assign them to collections, categories and to a vendor. Here you will also be able to edit product descriptions, add photos, variants, parameters and manage your stock.


Here you will find all the orders placed in your store. If you have an Advanced or higher plan, you will also see a tab with all abandoned carts.


Anyone who submits an order will be added to your list of customers.


Here you can create promotions, vouchers and work on your stores’ SEO.

Store layout

Here you can add a new theme, create your own and customize it to your needs since you also have access to the HTML editor. Also, you can translate your store into another language. 


For users with an Advanced plan or higher, you will have access under this section to reports. You can create widgets where you can monitor the relevant stats for your store.

Pages & blogs

In Shoplo you have the ability to create your own pages such as terms and conditions. Here you can also create a blog and write articles.


Quick access to our Help Center.


Here you will find all store settings such as delivery, payments, email templates, domains, etc.


In add-ons, you can integrate your store with other applications. Check here to see which apps are currently available.



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