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Navigation / main menu

The main menu is a list of links that will lead you to other previously created store pages.

You can freely edit the menu by including links to product pages, categories, informational pages or other web pages.

How does the navigation look like right after I create a store?

In each of our templates, by default, there is a menu with the following items:

  • Home – Leads to the store’s main page
  • Shop – Leads to a category list page that has been added to the store
  • About us – Page about you and your business
  • Contact – Page with a contact form for customers

Edit the main menu

Go to Layout > Navigation

You will change the main menu in the first section from the top – Main Menu.

If you want to edit an existing page, click on the small pen symbol on the right side:

In the window that pops up, you can change the name of the link and choose to which page this link will lead:

If you choose a product, category, collection, vendor or home page, in the next step you’ll be able to select the specific item.

If you want to redirect the customer to another page/domain that’s not listed, select URL.

If you select the Category List, you will be redirecting the customer to the category listing page of your store.

Click on Save Changes and you’re done.

How do I add a menu link?

Go to Layout >  Navigation >  Add link.

Give the link a name and decide to which page this link will redirect:

You can choose: 

  • Homepage – Clicking on the link will display the main page of your store
  • Product – Select the product you want to display
  • Category – Select the category you want to display
  • Collection – Select the collection you want to display
  • Pages – Select one of your own pages, such as contact, privacy policy, etc.
  • URL – You can enter any URL. Use it if you need to link to a different place than your store. You can also enter # – then this link will be inactive.
  • Vendor – Select the vendor whose products you want to display
  • Search
  • Category list – Display a list of all your product categories
  • Blog – Select the blog you want to display

Click on Save changes.

How to change the order of links

Change the order of links by grabbing and moving them to the desired place.

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