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Order Settings

Go to Settings > Orders.

In this article, you will learn about:

General Order settings

Here you can:

  • Set it up that after clicking the buy now button, the customer will be automatically redirected to the shopping cart.
  • Enable the option of leaving a comment to the order.
  • Choose from what number the order numbering should start
  • Enable / disable customer accounts *
  • Set whether the account created by the customer is to be automatically active
  • Show a field to enter the company name in the store checkout
  • Show a field to enter the province in the store checkout
  • Choose whether you will be issuing invoices. Enabling this option will allow your customers to leave invoice details when placing an order.

* available only in selected plans

Order numbering – important information 

If in the field Start orders number from you will enter a number that is already used in an existing order in your admin panel, the system will automatically change it to the nearest possible value. In other words, if you enter 1040, and such an order already exists, the system will start numbering from 1041.

Orders status

Order status – Thanks to the order status tags, you can always keep track of your orders and keep customers informed. Learn more about the order status.

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