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Order status

In this article you will learn:

Why and how to use the order’s status

Order statuses show you which stage your order currently is. Each new order automatically receives the status ‘New’. By default, you have three statuses when you create a store:

  • New
  • Return
  • Fulfilled

Any order status can be linked to a selected action. For example, when the order is marked as Fulfilled, your customer can receive an automatic email confirming that the order has already been sent. This way, the customer always knows the status of their purchase.

Learn here how to connect email templates with a change in order status.

Creating a new status or editing an existing one

If you want to add a new status go to Settings > Orders > Order status > +Status

Every status, except the status ‘New‘, can be deleted or edited. Go to: Settings > Orders > Order Status and select the appropriate action.

While editing the status, you can choose which of the existing messages you want to send to the customer when you assign this status to order and change its color.

How to change an order status

Go to Orders > Click on the order > Change the status in the upper right corner.

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