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Page redirection

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When to add URL redirects

If you move a store from another platform, you should add redirects. This way you avoid situations where Google remembers the previously indexed page and when you click on it you will see the 404 page. Otherwise, make a redirect to link the old link structure to the new one. This way, your customers will still be on the right page.

How to add a sitemap.xml file

Go to Marketing > SEO > go to the URL redirects section and click on + Generate site redirects


Enter the sitemap.xml file address and click on save changes.

This way all the links from the previous page will be redirected to the main page automatically. No one will point to an address with a 404 error. You can edit and point to a specific subpage in your store.

How to add a redirection manually

Go to Marketing > SEO > go to the URL redirects’section and click on +Redirect address


Give the old path and where it should redirect to.


Where can I find a link to the sitemap.xml file

A link to the sitemap.xml file can be found at:

Sitemap is visible only after paying the subsription. It is not available during the trial period.

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