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In this article, you will learn:

How to add images to products

Go to Products> Click on the product > Scroll down to Images and click on the last icon.

You can also add photos when you create a new product.

Setting the order of the displayed images and selecting the main image.

Set the order of displayed images

In the Images section, when editing the product, click on the top left corner of the image and drag it to the right place.

Main image

In the Images section, select which image you want to set as the main image. Click on the three dots on the top right corner of the image and click Set main image.

Assigning an image to a product variant

Go to Products > select product > scroll to Variants section > column Image.
Then click on the arrow next to the photo and select the one that applies to this variant.

Adding ALT attribute to images

Click on the product you want to edit > Images section> Click on the 3 dots within the photo you wish to edit >  Edit. Change the ALT Image text and click on Save.

If you want to set the global ALT parameter for all images (which don’t have it’s an own ALT), you can do this under the tab Marketing  > SEO> Images SEO.

Why do my photos change colour when I add them to Shoplo?

If your photos change colour when displayed in the browser, they probably are in the wrong colour space. Change it to sRGB to solve this issue.

1) Open the photo in Adobe Photoshop

2) Select Edit -> Convert to profile …

3) Under ‘Destination Space’ add the following profile: sRGB ICE61966-2.1.

4) Save the photo.

And it’s done 🙂

Adding images to product descriptions

You can also add images to product descriptions or pages (e.g., Contact page). Remember that they will appear in the files section. For this reason, each image you add to your product description should have a different name. Otherwise, they will be overwritten.

Why are my images rotated when I upload them to my admin panel?

Every image has encrypted information (metadata) about its position. Some browsers allow a rotated view of images, without any change to the metadata.

If you find your images being rotated when you didn’t ask for it, there is a quick and straightforward way to fix that. Just open the image in any graphic design software, like Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, Paint, etc. Save the image, upload it to Shoplo, and everything should be just fine.

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