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In Shoplo you can create promotions for specific products, collections or categories.

How to create a promotion

Go to Marketing > Promotions> +Promotion


Fill in the following fields:

Title – Enter the promotion’s name


Promotion validity – Specify the time frame for the promotion. You can specify a start and end date or choose for this promotion not to expire.

Discount type – specify the discount type

  • Price discount
  • Percentage discount


Specify which products should be promoted. Choose whether the promotion will cover individual products, or the entire collection, category or vendor.


What happens if you add a product to more than one promotion?

Suppose you have a product that is in the promotion A -5%, which is an unlimited promotion (it never expires). But you want to create a special promotion for this product only for one weekend. So you can add this product to the weekend promotion B -20%.

Products always belong to the latest active promotion that they were added to. This weekend the price of this product will be reduced by 20% as the product will be in promotion B.

What happens after the weekend?

Promotion B -20% will end and the product will not automatically go back to promotion A.

In order reactivate promotion A for this product, go to your dashboard and select Marketing > Promotions> Promotion A and add this product again.

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