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Setting a language switcher

If you create a language version, you should add a button to your store that will allow visitors to switch between languages.

You can set up the language switcher yourself by clicking on Layout > Then in Theme settings.


From the left side menu, select Header and general settings.

Make sure the ‘Show language switch option’ is selected.

The first language version is the one you are currently logged on to.

Give the full address of the store http:// – Preferably with the URL ending in ‘’.

Then enter the URL of your language version.


The content you write on the field ‘language label’ will be visible to your customers.


Now you need to follow the same steps in the language version of your store, only this time enter the language version as the first store and your main store as the second one.

If you’re using a theme without the option of a language switcher – Contact us.

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