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Shoplo Bundles

This application allows you to combine products and their variants into bundle sets. The created sets will appear as new products in your store, in which you will be able to customize the name, description, photos and set a discount (price or percentage) on them.

In this article you will learn about:

App installation and requirements

App installation

Go to this page and click Install add-on.

You can also install the application by selecting in the panel of your store: Add-ons> +Apps> Type Shoplo Bundles> Click on Install add-on


The application works fully only with themes generated after February 13th 2019 (using the new theme builder). If you have a dedicated theme – Please contact us.

Creating a bundle

In your Shoplo panel go to Add-ons > Shoplo Bundles > Create your first bundle

Enter the bundle name

Then select the products to be included in the set.

Important: in this application, you can not create a bundle consisting of several identical products. For this purpose, you can use the promotion “Buy one, get one for free or on discount”. You can find this option on Marketing > Promotions.

The created bundle will be visible in the application and in the list of products.

Editing a bundle

You can edit photos and description of the bundle in exactly the same way as other products.

The price of the bundle should be edited directly in the application, not from the product tab on the Products section.

Removing a bundle

Jeśli chcesz usunąć zestaw przejdź do aplikacji Shoplo Bundles i przy zestawie wybierz ikonę kosza.

If you want to delete a bundle, go to the Bundles app and click on the trash can icon next to the bundle that should be removed.

Important information

  • The bundle set created by the application can’t be included in any promotion.
  • The Bundles created with this app will not work correctly with the Product Options application.
  • The application will automatically add the tag “bundles” to the bundle you created. This tag can’t be deleted.
  • Don’t edit variants or price in the product tab. You should make all changes directly in the app.

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