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Positive reviews from customers can help you increase sales in your store. It is easier for any customer to decide to buy your product if it is recommended by other people.

The Shoplo Reviews application allows you to collect and display such positive opinions.

In this article you will learn about:

App Installation

In order to install the application, go to this page and click install. The application will install the additional code on your theme. If you change the theme, you will have to move the code manually. To do this, you can contact our Support Team. The application works with themes created after 13/02/2019.

Email settings with the request to review the purchased products

Go to the application and click on the E-mail tab.

First, activate the option to send an e-mail requesting a review, so it will automatically be sent to the customer.

Then choose the number of days the system should wait to send the request and after which action the e-mail should be sent. You can set, for example, that the message will be sent after three days from the change of the order status to “Sent”. This way, you will make sure that only customers who have paid and received your product will be asked to make reviews. You can adjust these settings to the characteristics of your business.

Sometimes customers order more than one product in one order. Here you can also set the maximum amount of e-mails you want to send to ask for a review. Additionally, set a time interval between subsequent messages.

Next, decide if you want to send a reminder asking for a review if the customer didn’t submit one yet.

Now you can determine the content of the e-mail. You can change:

  • The subject of the message
  • The content of the message
  • Titles of the review modules
  • Evaluation names
  • And the footer

Below you can see a preview of the message.

App Settings

In the application, go to the Settings tab

General Settings

In this place, you can change the options for product reviews.

You can enable notifications, to be informed about new reviews

and decide if you want to automatically accept reviews or not.

Send automatic discounts

You can reward those who have issued a review by sending them a discount voucher. You can decide from what review level the discount code will be sent. Remember to first create this discount voucher in your Admin panel on the Marketing section.

Layout of the review site

In the application, go to the Review site tab.

Content settings

Here you can change the content settings. You can translate the page or adapt the content to your brand and business.

Rating and widget colour settings

Here you can adjust the colours and match them to your brand.

The layout of the widget displayed on the store

Go to the app and click on the Appearance tab

Here you will see the preview of the widget.


Below you can change the colours and content of each element of the widget.

Pending reviews

In the application, click on the Waiting tab

Here you will see all the uncompleted requests for review. If you want, you can send a reminder.

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