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InPost application allows you parcel dispatch to the parcel locker, courier dispatch and use the Allegro InPost service.

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How to get the API key

You will need a token (API key) to run the application. In order to generate it, contact InPost support:

  • Send an email with the subject “Token” to [email protected]
  • Enter the tax identification number and e-mail address on which you registered your InPost account

Application installation

Go to and click Zainstaluj dodatek.

After installation, go to the application in the  Shoplo dashboard end enter token (API key). Learn how to get the API key

General and default settings

General settings

Order status * – select what status your order should get after dispatching the package

Individual price list – mark this option if you have your own InPost rates set. Turning this option on will allow you to enter the weight of the package in the package sending form.

Payment method – choose the payment method that corresponds to the cash on delivery payment.

Delivery methods – select the delivery methods that will be visible in the application. Thanks to that, you will see in the Orders tab only those orders that can be sent via the InPost application. You will not see those where the customer has chosen a different delivery method, e.g. DHL or UPS.

Label size and format* – choose in what format and size you want to download labels.

*required settings

Default settings

Sender Details – this data will be automatically completed while sending the parcel using the application.

Pickup Address –These are the default pickup addresses for a courier, which are taken from the InPost Parcel Manager (Manager Paczek InPost). It is not possible to edit them in our integration.

Default settings for InPost Courier and InPost Paczkomaty

Here, select the default dispatch method, parcel size and default dispatch locker

How to dispatch an order

To dispatch the order, go to the Orders tab.

You can dispatch orders individually or in groups.

How to dispatch a single order?

Click Dispatch on the selected order.

First, select the delivery method.

You may choose among:

  • InPost Locker
  • InPost Courier
  • Allegro InPost (only for orders from Allegro)

Then complete the parcel size and dispatch method. These fields will be filled out automatically if you have completed the Default Settings.

Insurance – you can insure your parcel post. Remember that this may involve additional costs.

Payment on delivery – select this option if you want to send a package with cash on delivery method. InPost requires insurance for such shipments. The insurance cannot be lower than the value of the order.

Receiver details – will be automatically completed based on the data from the order.

Sender details –  will be filled automatically based on the Default Settings

After completing and checking the data, click on the Dispatch button.

Depending on the chosen dispatch method, take the package to the selected Parcel Locker,  or to Punkt Obsługi Przesyłek or request a collection. (Learn more how to request a collection)

How to dispatch orders in bulk

In the Orders tab, select the ones you want to dispatch. Then select Dispatch orders from the menu at the bottom and click on Save changes.

Order management

In the Orders tab, you can dispatch parcels. Orders already dispatched will have a Details button visible.

After clicking this button, you can i.e. download the label and then print it.

You can also download the label for many orders at once. In the Orders tab, check the selected one, then select Download labels from the bottom menu and click on Save changes.

After dispatching your parcels, you’ll see the status Waiting for InPost. When the tracking number is generated, the shipment status will be automatically changed. You’ll also see the Details button.

If for some reason InPost does not accept your order, you will have to dispatch it again. Click on waiting for Inpost > Dispatch again. 

How to request collection

Go to Order tab and select among dispatched orders for which you want to request a courier. From the menu at the bottom, select Request collection and click on Save changes.

Remember that for orders from Allegro, the courier must be ordered separately.

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