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How to create terms of business?

Each online store should have regulations that will determine the principles of cooperation between the entrepreneur and the buyer.

You can write the regulations yourself based on the templates available on the web. It is free of charge solution but later imposes the need to implement changes in content in terms of compliance with current consumer law.

You can also use the services of external companies that specialize in writing regulations and then periodically audit them. This route is much more convenient and comfortable, but it involves additional costs associated with the service.

If you are a SumUp Merchant, please check this article.

If you have already prepared the rules of our store, it should be appropriately attached to your website.

How to add Terms of Business and Privacy Policy to your store?

This can be done quickly in the following steps:

Terms of Business can be added as a  Page.  Go to Pages & blogs > Pages > add Page. Write a name, e.g., Terms & Agreements, add the content you want, and then save.

Then add it to the footer. Go to: Layout > Navigation > Footer menu and add a new link. Write a name and in the URL, choose Pages and look for the page with Terms & Agreements. Check if the link is displayed correctly in the store. Learn more about navigation in a footer here.

Terms of Business and Privacy Policy should also be available to your customers on the order finalization page and when subscribing to the newsletter. To do this, go to Settings> Legal Clauses and select the pages where the Privacy Policy and Terms of Business are located.

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