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SSL certificate for your domain

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General Information

In Shoplo you have the ability to install an SSL certificate for your domain (in all plans) and in the checkout of your own domain (VIP plan only). If you need an SSL certificate, please send us a message via our contact form. Installation is free. The certificate is valid indefinitely – it does not require a renewal every year.

Note: Due to numerous complications, we do not connect external certificates (purchased outside of Shoplo).

Which type of certificate is installed?

We install the certificate Let’s encrypt. 

Before installing the certificate

Make sure you have correctly redirected the A record to our IP. Learn more…

How does the procedure of installing a certificate look like?

  • Use our contact form and send us a message to let us know you want to have an SSL certificate installed.
  • We will install the certificate in your store.


If, after the certificate has been installed, you don’t see the information that the connection is secure, make sure your site doesn’t have any links to external platforms/ websites/photos that do not contain “s” in https: //. This problem usually occurs if you have edited the theme yourself.


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