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Stock management

In Shoplo you can manage the inventory level of all your products.

In this article, you will learn:

Why track inventory in Shoplo?

Thanks to inventory tracking, you can be sure that your customers will not buy goods that you do not have in stock.

In addition, if you have products that you often take to the inventory, you can enable the option: Allow users to purchase this item when out of stock. Thanks to that, despite the zero stock level, your customers will still be able to place an order for this product. After each such order, you will see a negative number in the inventory tab. It will be included in the next delivery. This way, you will always know the correct amount of items.


The product is out of stock, and customers have placed orders for three pieces. You will see “-3” on this product in the dashboard (inventory tab). You take the delivery and add e.g., 10 items that you took to the warehouse. The system will take into account those sold – between the lack of goods and delivery. Therefore in the dashboard, you will eventually see 7 pieces.

How to enable stock level tracking for a product/variant?

You can enable inventory management for each product/variant:

  • When adding a product
  • When editing a product
  • Collectively for many variants

When adding a product

For a single variant

In case the product has several variants

When editing existing products

Go to Products > Select product > Variants Section > Track Inventory

Collectively change for many variants simultaneously

Go to Products > Inventory > select variants > from the bottom menu select Track inventory > Yes

Can I sell products when out of stock?

Yes, if you select the Allow purchases when out of stock option. This option is available when adding a product to stock levels.

If you don’t select this option, the system will automatically block the possibility of purchasing a product when its stock is zero.

You can change this setting simultaneously for many products.

Go to  Products > Inventory > mark the chosen variants > from the bottom menu select Allow out of stock purchases > Yes/No

You can also make such a change by updating products using a CSV file.

  • Export the product file
  • Open the file with i.e Open Office (UTF-8 encoding, field separator – comma (,), text separator – quotation marks (“))
  • Edit the column buy if empty (0 – will not allow customers to buy, 1 – will allow customers to buy)
  • Import the file to the store. When importing, map only columns: URL, SKU, all parameters, and the column buy if empty. Remember to check the option- update products. If you don’t do this, the products in your store will be duplicated

Can I automatically hide products that are out of stock?

Yes, you can set this option for each product. Select Products > Select product > Visibility > Show this item when out of stock.

How can I change the stock of products/variants?

There are two ways to change your stock:

In bulk

If you want to make a change in bulk, go to Products > Inventory and select the variants that you want to change the stock of.

From the menu at the bottom select Update Inventory > Set / Add > enter a value

By choosing Set and entering an exact number, you will replace the current stock with that quantity. If you want to add, e.g., 1 item to the current stock, choose Add.


Go to Products> Inventory> change stock level and click on Save.

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