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The merge process

Why do I need to merge my products?
The merge process is needed to make sure your inventory is synchronised correctly. If Multichannel doesn’t know that you have the same product on different channels, your inventory will not be automatically updated after you made a sale.

How does the merge process work?
When you connect your primary channel, you build the base for your Master Inventory. That’s why is so important to connect your main and most popular channel first and then connect all remaining channels afterwards. When you connect your remaining channels, you will be asked to either import those products as new or match them with the ones already in your master inventory.

Multichannel will only let you match products that should be merged. All other products will need to be added as new. Please keep in mind that only products with the same amount of parameters (colour, size, etc.) can be merged.

If Multichannel didn’t automatically suggest that you merge 2 product variants, you can manually search for the product variant yourself.

If you can’t find a product variant that you know already exists on your Master Inventory, please send us an email at [email protected]. We’ll be happy to help you with this step.

Keep in mind that the merge process depends on the product data that you have in your sales channels. If you are selling the same product on two channels, but the parameters are different, you will have to adjust your product data before matching these products.

Channel limitations
Each sales channel displays product data in a different way. This creates some limitations when you try to merge a product that you sell on two different channels. Here are some of the most common examples:

  • Etsy allows you to add a maximum of 2 parameters
  • Dawanda doesn’t allow you to add parameters at all (which also means there are no product variants)
  • Showroom requires your products to have two specific parameters: colour and size
  • Shopify and Shoplo allow you to add a maximum of 3 parameters

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