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The Shoplo Mobile App Dashboard

When you log in to the app, you will see the mobile dashboard.

Here you can:

Notification settings

You can select whether you want to receive notifications on your phone or not.

Click on the menu icon at the top left corner > Then click on ‘Notification settings’

You can enable/disable notifications about:

  • New orders
  • Payment status

To-do’s list

Click on the menu icon at the top left corner > Then click on ‘To-do’s’

Here you see a list of orders that need to be fulfilled.

Date range for displayed results

You can view data for specific periods. Click on the calendar and select the date range.

Statistics and sales results

You can check the statistics for individual channels by clicking the respective channel icon or the data for all channels by clicking on the ‘Total’ button.

In the case of individual channels you will see the following results: 

  • Total revenue of this channel
  • Best selling products on this channel
  • Sources/referral links

For the cumulative results you will see:

  • Total revenue
  • Revenue divided into channels

The violet graph shows current data for the selected period. The grey bars show the same data for earlier periods.

Search bar

Use the search function to search for orders, products or customers.

Click on the menu icon and select Search.

Blog articles

On your mobile dashboard, you will also find interesting articles on our blog.

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