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Shoplo theme builder is a tool that allows you to easily create your own online store theme, tailored to your own needs.


Below you will find answers to the most important questions about our theme builder and an instructional video that will show you how to use it.

In this article you will learn:

Is the theme builder free of charge?

Yes. The theme builder is available to our customers free of charge. You can use it during the trial period and after you have paid for your subscription.

Can I use the theme I created with Shoplo’s theme builder for stores outside Shoplo?

The themes created with Shoplo’s theme builder are copyrighted by Shoplo, so they can’t be used on other eCommerce platforms. You can’t also sell them as your own.

Can I create a theme inspired in an already existing theme?

The theme builder allows you to create many configurations. It’s really up to you to decide which elements you want to use for your theme. You can inspire yourself with the look of other themes or rely on your own imagination.

Does Shoplo support the theme I created?

Of course! Any theme generated with the theme builder is treated the same as our other themes and we will support it by correcting any errors. Upon customer’s request, our programmers can also make modifications to the theme (the cost of any modification is determined individually).

Can I edit an already created theme?

Themes that are already saved can’t be sent back to the theme builder to be edited.

However, the theme builder will always remember your last project. This way, when you re-enter the theme builder, you can choose whether to start from scratch or continue editing your last project. After the changes have been saved, a new separate theme will be created with the default settings.

Can I make a live preview?

While you are building a theme in the theme builder you can see its preview with sample images. Previewing your store with your products is only possible after you’ve finished working on the theme and you’ve installed it in your store.

Is there a limit on page elements?

We have not set a limit, but you have to keep in mind that the more items, the longer the page will need to load.

Which elements are mandatory?

When you create a theme, you must add a footer and any other element from the content container.

Why can’t I edit the footer and header on other pages?

These are permanent elements for all pages. When you select the footer and header in your main page, these elements will appear on all other pages.

On the home and product list pages, there is the same element name “grid”. What is the difference of this element between those two pages?

That element is a grid of products that looks basically the same on both pages. On the product list (on the category section), you can additionally put a category list on the left, which is a side menu.


Ads-blocking plugins (e.g., uBlock) can affect the wizard. If after clicking “install on store”, you will see too long “We’re creating your theme …”, check if you have any plugins that could cause this.

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