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Shoplo allows you to offer your customers discount vouchers that they can use on the checkout page.

You can create vouchers with a discounted price, a percentage discount, free shipping and a progressive discount. In addition, you will choose whether the number of vouchers should be unlimited or limited. In the latter case, you can set each one to have a unique name. You can also choose the products for which the discount will be granted and whether one customer will be able to use the same coupon many times.

How to add a voucher?

Go to Marketing > Vouchers > click on + Add Voucher

Fill in the following fields::

Voucher name: Enter a name here or click on Generate.

Date of application – Specify the start date and for how long the voucher is valid. You can specify the start and end date or select Indefinite as the expiration date.

Voucher settings

Choose the discount type:

With the limited option, you can also select the option Unique. This will generate a CSV file where you will find unique discount voucher codes.

In the additional settings, select which products the voucher applies to. Depending on the type of coupons you will also see other additional options. For example, you can choose to have a coupon to connect with promotions or that the customer can use it many times

You can send the saved discount voucher to your customers, e.g. by e-mail. 
If you have created a unique voucher you will see an icon that will allow you to download a CSV file.

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