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Shoplo chat

Stay close to your customers. Assist and chat in real time.

Reach out to visitors to your store with a helping hand. Start a conversation, have a chat, help them out and satisfy your buyers.

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Reach out to potential customers, quickly and effectively

A real-time chat is the best way to get to know your customers’ expectations and build relationships. Be there when your customers need you the most.

Turn visitors into buyers

Automatically invite visitors to chat and provide them a professional support. Offer discounts and advice to encourage them to purchase.

Earn more

Be with your customers while they are making a purchase. Built trust and support them in real time to minimise abandoned carts.

Help faster

Provide professional and instant help. Answer any questions your buyer has, just seconds after they’ve been asked.

Automatic campaigns

Reach out proactively to your customers by automating chat invitations.

Talk to your store visitors even before they ask any questions. Automatic chat invitations help you engage with more visitors, reduce the number of abandoned carts and increase sales.


Traffic monitoring

Monitor your website traffic
in real-time.

Get to know the behaviour of your website visitors. See who is browsing your store and what pages they are visiting. Distinguish return users from those who are visiting for the very first time.


Conversation sneak peak

See what your visitor is writing even before they hit ‘Send’.

You see what your visitor is typing in real time, before they hit ‘Send’. This ‘sneak peak’ helps you prepare the best answer, quickly. Quick answers help you satisfy your customer sooner and convert them faster.

Eye catchers

Attract your visitors with engaging graphic elements

Increase your number of chats using visual elements, encouraging users to chat. Use the gallery to upload your own eye catching image or choose from our ready-made images.


Be there for your customers

Chat with them in real time

Try Shoplo Chat

Shoplo users can try our chat for free for 15 days. Our tool is available on Advanced and VIP plans without any additional costs.