Sell more with multiple channels

Grow your business by selling in many places at a time

Manage selling across different platforms from one place. Offer your products via online store, marketplaces, and other sales channels with Shoplo Multichannel.


Put your products in front of millions of potential customers

Shoplo Multichannel integrates with popular ecommerce platforms and marketplaces to help you acquire new customers and grow your business.


Simple and effortless inventory management

Single centralized inventory

Manage your stock levels across different sales channels from one place. Save your precious time and get complete control over your inventory.

Real-time stock sync

Your inventory is constantly synced across every channel 24/7. As soon as a sale is made; your stock levels are updated everywhere.

Clear sales overview

Get an overall picture of how your business is doing across different sales platforms. It gives you insight on your inventory, customers, and orders.

Easy product listing that saves your time

Smooth product management

Add many items to different channels at the same time. Save loads of time with a more efficient process.

Real-time product edits

Edit product details like title, price, description, and variants from one panel and see them automatically update across all channels. Or simply change details individually for each channel.

Fast product exports

Export product data from your centralized inventory quickly and easily. Save time while entering new markets with quick product exports.

Multiple languages and currencies

Expand your reach and increase revenue by taking control of your multilanguage product lines across different marketplaces.


Smart product feed management

Fast feed generator

Use product feeds to present your brand to new markets and reach new customers. Generate a feed and add your inventory to new sales platforms.

Integration with top services

Promote all of your inventory or selected products on external platforms and services. Choose from common marketplaces and ad platforms such as: Facebook Ads, Google Merchant Center, and Bing Ads.

Real-time feed updates

Your newly generated product feed will be updated in real-time whenever you change any product details in your Multichannel Inventory.

Discover new sales opportunities

Discover new markets and channels, and introduce your brand to new audiences. Find customers that will be delighted with your products and grow your business faster.

With our tools, entering new markets and managing different sales channels is easy and less time consuming.


Shoplo mobile app

Grow your brand in the palm
of your hand.

Download the Shoplo Mobile App and take care of your multichannel sales, products and customers on the go, wherever you are in the world.


Manage your online business

Contact customers

No more writing down email addresses or copy/pasting postage addresses. Do it all from within the app.

Edit listings

Change product descriptions, item specifics, and even create collections while away from your computer.

Manage discounts

Had a great idea for a discount? Create and share it on social media, all from within the app.

Monitor performance

Track your entire brand’s sales and growth, top referrals, and your most lucrative products from each sales channel.

Update product photos

Got some user generated content to show off? Automatically update product photos with any image you like.

Be where your customers are


Fast and efficient product edits

Finally, you have one place to manage it all: your store, products, clients, orders, and multichannel selling. No need to log in or switch between multiple platforms to update your inventory.