Terms & Conditions of the Shoplo Partners Program

  1. Partner - a legal or natural person running a business within the meaning of the Polish law, or a natural person that does not have a place of residence in the territory of Poland and has registered in the Program.
  2. Shoplo - the internet services available at www.shoplo.com and www.shoplo.pl, whose rights belong to the company Shoplo Sp. z o.o. headquartered in Warsaw (00-189) at ul. Inflancka 4C; a party to the Agreement for the provision of electronic services.
  3. Program - a program organized by Shoplo that is designed for Partners, that is as described in the Terms & Conditions: in the payment of services provided by the Partner to Shoplo.
  4. Theme - a separated part of the shop code that is responsible for its presentation in web browsers. It contains HTML, CSS, JS files, and image files.
  5. Application - a separate program from Shoplo that extends Shoplo’s functionality using the Shoplo API, therefore allowing more capabilities to any Shop that utilizes such a program.
  6. AppStore - part of the www.shoplo.com and www.shoplo.pl website, where a customer can purchase or install an application.
  7. ThemeStore - part of the www.shoplo.com and www.shoplo.pl website, where a customer can purchase or install a template for their store.
  8. Terms & Conditions – the set of regulations hereinafter presented in this Terms & Conditions document.
Program Goals
  1. The aim of the Program is to enlarge the Shoplo customer base and extend and develop Shoplo through the possibilities offered by its Applications and Templates. Shoplo aims to expand the functionality of the solutions offered by the www.shoplo.com and www.shoplo.pl website and to popularize the website among potential customers.
Joining the Program
  1. The information on the possibility of joining the Program is addressed to potential partners on the partners.shoplo.com website and constitutes an invitation to start a service contract.
  2. In order to start the Agreement, anyone interested in participating in the Program must do the following:
    • register the Program by completing the registration form available at: https://partners.shoplo.pl/en/auth/signup
    • read the Terms & Conditions and accept it. Acceptance automatically creates an account in the Program.
  3. It is assumed that the Agreement will be in effect on the day that the person joining the program has created an account through the Partner registration form. The Agreement will go into effect in Warsaw, Poland. The law applicable to the Contract is always the Polish law.
  4. Participation in the Program is free and voluntary.
  5. For the duration of the Agreement, the Program's management panel will be made available to the Partner after they log into their Partner account. As part of this panel, the Partner may: add Applications or Templates, view the statistics of downloads of the Application or Templates posted, manage the payments of the Affiliate Program, and recommend Shoplo to their contacts. Access to the management panel is not possible after the expiration of the Agreement (regardless of the reasons for expiration).
Types of services provided in the Program
  1. By participating in the Program, the Partner may provide the following services:
    • sell the Application - the Partner can create an Application that extends Shoplo functionality, and then place this Application on the App Store and simultaneously declare its price. Shoplo customers can then buy such an application. The partner will receive a commission of 70% of the declared gross price. The Application will be made available on the terms set forth in the LICENSE section.
    • sell the Template - the Partner can create a Template and places it in our Theme Store. Store owners can buy such a template for their store. The partner will receives a commission of 70% of the declared gross price. The access will be set forth on the principles described in the LICENSE section.
    • recommend Shoplo - the Partner can recommend Shoplo to his contacts using the functionality available on the website https://www.shoplo.com/partners after logging into their affiliate account. As thanks to the contact you received after registration, you can set up a shop on Shoplo. With each payment made by a registered contact, the Partner will receive a commission of 30%.
  1. By placing the Template or Application in Shoplo, the Partner grants Shoplo an exclusive, unrestricted license to the Template or Application created by the Partner for the duration of this Agreement, with the right to grant further licenses.
  2. Shoplo will be able to use Templates or Applications in the fields of use mentioned in art. 50 and art. 74.4 regarding copyrights and related rights.
Disbursement of funds
  1. The fees payable to the Partner shall be paid as a money payment. Each time after collecting at least PLN 500 (EUR 125) on the account in the Program, the Partner may pay the collected funds in money, by bank transfer to the PayPal account.
  2. In the case which the Partner has accumulated funds on the account only by means of orders, the payment of funds is possible only after the payment of the subscription fee is completed by at least two recommended stores.
  3. The payoff request can be made by clicking the "Payoff" button in the finances tab after logging in to the program management panel.
  4. The withdrawal request can be made by clicking the "Withdraw" button in the finances tab after logging in to the program management panel.
  5. When requesting a money payoff, the Partner will simultaneously provide the email address to which a PayPal account is properly configured and the payment should be made. Until the payment is made by the Partner, the funds accumulated by the Partner on his account in the Partner Program can not be used by the Partner, i.e. the Partner can not dispose of them in any way, etc.
  6. If the Partner grants a Shoplo license to a Template or Application, the remuneration for the license is included in the Partner's commission for the sale of the given Template or Application.
  7. After submitting the payoff instruction for a given month, no later than the 7th day of the following month, the Partner which is registered active VAT payer, will issue a VAT invoice to Shoplo and send it to Shoplo through [email protected]
  8. Regarding individuals, after the end of the calendar year, Shoplo will send the partner the balance of their account on the tax form called IFTR, which will allow settlement with the appropriate tax office for the partner's location. Within 7 working days after the date of submitting the payoff request,the payoff of funds will take place through the partner's bank account indicated in the registration.
  9. Attaching the aforementioned documents is a condition for making a payment to the Partner.
  10. All values indicated in the Regulations are gross amounts and include tax on goods and services charged to the Partner.
  11. Payment of funds to the Partner will take place within 30 business days from the date of the delivery of a properly issued VAT invoice or invoice to Shoplo.
  12. The day of debiting the Shoplo bank account is considered the day of payment.
  13. VAT invoices or bills should be sent to: [email protected]
  14. The partners are obliged at their own cost to make relevant settlements related to tax obligations related to the achievement of revenues under this Agreement. Shoplo is not responsible for the failure or improper fulfillment by Partners of their obligations under the provisions of the tax law.
Shoplo's responsibility
  1. Shoplo is not responsible for:
    • the inability to register a person in Shoplo, regardless of the reason
    • any technical problems related to the operation of Shoplo, AppStore or ThemeStore, in particular problems related to the inability to purchase the Application or Template.
    • any irregularities related to the settlement within the Partnership Program, for reasons attributable to the Partner.
    • lost benefits related to participation in the Partnership Program and other;
    • damages indirectly related to participation in the Partner Program (in particular for the loss of potential profits by the Partner).
    • infringement of third party rights by the Partner in the provision of services to Shoplo, in particular infringement of copyrights
  2. Shoplo is entitled to charge the Partner with any costs of court proceedings, damages, penalties, supervision and technical repairs as well as other consequences resulting from the Partner's activity which is inconsistent with the Terms & Conditions or the law.
  3. The Partner is liable without limitation for any damage caused by the violation of the provisions of the Terms & Conditions.
  4. Any doubts of the Partner regarding the Program principles and issues related to the implementation of the Program are explained and resolved by Shoplo's employees with the available forms to contact the user service team.
  5. Any disputes that may arise from this Agreement shall be resolved by common courts in Warsaw, in accordance with their material jurisdiction.
Termination of the contract
  1. Each of the parties may terminate the Agreement without giving reasons.
  2. The contract is terminated when the affiliate account is removed from the partners website.
  3. After the termination of the agreement, the Partner retains the right to remuneration in respect of the Services provided until the contract expires.
  4. If, after the period of calculating the fees due to the Partner, the fees due to the partner do not exceed the thresholds indicated in the Regulations, the funds will be transferred to the Partner on the indicated PayPal account, on the terms set out in the Regulations.
  5. Shoplo is entitled to terminate the Agreement for important reasons at any time with immediate effect; In particular, breach of the terms and conditions of the Regulations by the Partner, violation of the rights of third parties, access to the Application or the Template on a different website, etc. are considered important reasons.
Personal data
  1. Shoplo processes the Partner's personal data according to General Data Protection Regulation Art. 6.1.b in order to properly establish, shape, change, and solve electronic services and statistical analyses. A partner with justified interest as determined by the Data Administrator, may also receive system messages via email or telephone, as long as such data was provided while registering to the program. The following data that is contractual and may be necessary includes information such as malfunctions and system failures, changes in current functions or adding new services, as well as service care.
  2. By accepting Shoplo Partner Program Regulations, the Partner starts a contract for processing personal data with Shoplo Sp. z o.o. for the purpose as stated above.
  3. Additionally, Shoplo informs the Partner that:
    • The administrator of personal data provided by the Partner such as their new clients, is Shoplo Sp. z o.o., which is headquartered at Warsaw, Inflancka street 4c, NIP: 5213630420, share capital PLN 88 300.
    • Data administrator for the Partner’s customers is the Partner.
    • The inspector for personal data protection is Grzegorz Lech, CTO of Shoplo ([email protected])
    • The Partner's data will be kept for the period necessary to secure the interests of Shoplo and the User related to access to the Account.
    • The partner has the right to submit a request to administrator to access personal data for the following purposes: correction, removal, transfer or limitation of data or data processing.
    • The partner has the right to withdraw their consent for the processing of data for marketing purposes at any time without affecting the legality of the processing provided that was previously consensional before its withdrawal.
    • The partner has the right to submit a complaint with the supervisory authority.
Validity and changes to the regulations
  1. Shoplo reserves the right to change the contents of these Regulations at any time. Each Partner will be notified about changes by e-mail within 14 days of making changes. In the event of refusal to accept new terms by the Partner, the Contract between the Partner and Shoplo shall expire upon termination by the Partner.
  2. The partner is obliged to monitor changes to the Regulations on an ongoing basis at https://www.shoplo.com/partners/terms and familiarize themselves with them.
  3. Shoplo reserves the right to close the Partnership Program in its entirety and at any time.
  4. The Partner will comply with the law applicable to all activities of the Partner related to his participation in the Program, in particular the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws No. 144, item 1204).
  5. Any complaints should be reported immediately to Shoplo at: [email protected]com. Shoplo will consider the application within 7 working days from the date of its submission.